COAT launched the ‘Paint Visualiser’, powered by Hullabalook, and drove a 43% uplift in CVR.

COAT were looking for ways to establish themselves as an innovative data-led brand whose ecommerce experience stood out in the market. Their biggest challenge was driving their customers further down the funnel so that they purchased multiple swatches and paints. In order to achieve this, they had to find a better way to help their customers visualise their paints. 

COAT were instantly impressed with Hullabalook and rolled out their Stickers technology in January 2021.


Hullabalook surpassed our expectations - it’s not often you get to work with such an effective, smart and genuinely nice team. When we came across their technology, we knew it would be a game changer.

Rob Abrahams, Co-Founder COAT Paints

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How well did Stickers perform for COAT Paints?

  • Measured between 1st February – 4th May 2021
  • Comparison set: Shoppers who visited at least two COAT pages (but not Indoor Colour Visualiser) vs shoppers who used Indoor Colour Visualiser.

    21% AOV uplift

    43% CVR uplift

    31% increase in sessions

    73% RpU uplift

    43% more PDP views

    72% increase in session length

    How does Stickers work for COAT?

    COAT needed to help their customers visualise different combinations of paints together, while encouraging them to purchase multiple swatches. Hullbalook’s Stickers technology provides shoppers with a semi-realistic wall setting where they can play around with colour combinations and see the walls updating in real-time. The Paint Visualiser provides a sense of realism, while also being a very easy, engaging application to use.  

    • We converted COAT swatches into an interactive PLP

      Shoppers can browse every swatch available, filtering between colours seamlessly

    • Our technology analyses the exact HEX code of each colour

      Shoppers can click on any colour, and our technology will render it onto the canvas

    • We offer a semi-realistic way of visualising paint online

      By adding this sense of realism, shoppers are more likely to purchase swatches

    • Shoppers can checkout in one click

      After deciding their colour choices, shoppers can checkout immediately

    Outdoor Colour Visualiser, powered by Hullabalook’s Stickers technology. 

    What’s next for our partnership?

    Due to the success of the Paint Visualiser, COAT rolled out Hullabalook’s technology across their exterior paint range. Both teams continue to work together on new exciting ideas.