Case Study

Hullabalook drove a total revenue uplift of 3% for

The Sofasizer is built on Hullabalook’s product discovery solution. Since launching in the UK, it has now been rolled out across Europe. Here’s what we set out to do.

Problem: want to make their products easier to find for any customer, on any device.

Solution: Hullabalook solve this problem by providing an solution for visual shopping which puts the most suitable products at the top of the page.

“As our range grows, we are particularly interested in making sure customers can find the right product for them as quickly and easily as possible. We worked closely with Hullabalook to create a simple and elegant solution for people who have a specific space in mind for their sofa and want to make sure they buy something that fits”


The Test:

Hullabalook tested on 50% of Sofa traffic for a 4 week period. The results of the test compare shoppers on the regular site with the behaviour of shoppers on the site with Hullabalook SofaSizer technology.

Impact on Hullabalook (sofasizer) users:

Hullabalook users (compared to average non-Hullabalook users):

  • Conversion x1.79 higher
  • Average Order Value x1.83 higher
  • Engagement (session duration): x3.03 longer

Uplifts were particularly strong for mobile and tablet users

What was the total impact of Hullabalook on revenue?

The trial which took into account over 2 million sessions showed a total revenue uplift on products categories where Hullabalook was used increased by 3%.