Hullabalook’s technology drove a 44% increase in AOV across fonQ’s Living Room product range.

fonQ wanted a low barrier to entry solution that provided a great experience, increased purchase confidence and most importantly, could be used and understood by all of their customers. fonQ selected Hullabalook’s Stickers technology as a great innovation to help them achieve their aims – and in early February 2021 rolled out “Styling Tool”.

How does Stickers work?

  • We convert your product catalogue into 2D "stickers"

    Everything is scaled – so large items like sofas look bigger than smaller items like vases.

  • Shoppers experiment with your products in a room setting

    They can move products around to visualise them together and build their dream rooms.

  • Stickers is a completely customisable experience

    Shoppers using Stickers can toggle between product categories and personalise the wall colour and floor type.

  • Shoppers can checkout in one click

    After curating their space, shoppers can share it with friends or purchase all of their chosen products in one click.


Stickers for product discovery

Shoppers can begin with a blank canvas and completely customise their room – down to its dimensions, wall colour and floor type.

Our technology transforms your products into Stickers, so your shoppers can scroll through the whole catalogue, pick their favourite combinations and then checkout.


Stickers for merchandising

Using our gallery function, retailers can create pre-designed rooms for shoppers to explore – a great way to merchandise best-selling products.

Shoppers then have the freedom to personalise the design and checkout in one click.

How well did Stickers perform for fonQ?

  • Measured between 15th February – 18th April
  • Comparison set: Shoppers who used the Styling Tool (Hullabalook’s Stickers technology) vs Shoppers who didn’t use the Styling Tool.

What challenge does Stickers solve for fonQ?

Stickers increases discoverability of your catalogue and helps shoppers visualise different products together. By doing so, we’re increasing likelihood of purchase.

"We wanted to inspire our shoppers with an interactive solution that was easy to use. Hullabalooks technology was the answer. By implementing the Styling Tool, our shoppers aren't just looking at more products, they're buying more. Styling Tool is essential for driving revenue, so much so we're now rolling it out across more categories and to our sister sites."

Jeroen van Leenen, CX manager at fonQ

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What’s next for our partnership?

Due to the success of the Styling Tool for Living Room, fonQ plans to roll the tool out across more of their site, with the technology already being extended to cover additional rooms e.g. bedroom and dining room as well as the sister sites.