Furniturebox rolled out Hullabalook’s technology and doubled session duration and RpU within 8 weeks.

Furniturebox, who were recently listed as the fastest-growing online brand in the South West, are an omnichannel retailer specialising in affordable, modern furniture. Customer satisfaction is hugely important to the team, so they began working with us to deliver an online customer experience that their shoppers would love.

The goal was clear; we would build an experience that would inspire shoppers to return to site, keep them on site for longer and encourage them to spend more.


Room Planner, live on and powered by Hullabalook's technology.

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How did our technology perform for Furniturebox?

  • Measured between 1st May 2021 – 31 July 2021.
  • Comparison set: Users who have visited at least two Furniturebox pages with users of Room Planner.

Conversion Rate uplift of 151%

Session Duration uplift of 109%

Revenue per User uplift of 179%

Average Order Value uplift of 12%

Session per User uplift of 83%

Hullabalook’s technology has massively improved our customer journey. More shoppers are coming to our site, browsing and purchasing our products. We’ve been really impressed with the team and will continue working with them to implement new online experiences.

Monty George, Managing Director at Furniturebox

What challenge do we solve for Furniturebox?

Furniturebox want every customer to have a positive, memorable experience when shopping with them.

A large proportion of Furniturebox’ product catalogue are dining sets, which are often sold at a bundled price. Their customers love these sets, so it was really important that they were able to visualise them.

Furniturebox needed a solution that would:

By implementing Stickers, Furniturebox increased AOV by 12%. A huge achievement for us!

How does our tech meet these challenges?

Hullabalook’s Stickers technology ensures that Furniturebox shoppers have a memorable experience. 

Our Stickers technology offers a really inspiring, playful way to explore and purchase multiple products at the same time. 

Furniturebox have seen a hugely positive response from shoppers who now find it easier and more inspiring to shop on their site.

    This is so shoppers can see how big a specific sofa is compared to a mirror or a lamp that they love.

    What’s next for our partnership?

    Both teams are delighted with their partnership so far. So much so, they have agreed to launch three new experiences in 2022.