Hullabalook’s technology has driven an average 58X ROI for GAIA Design

In April 2020 GAIA Design partnered with Hullabalook to deliver 3 new online shopping experiences that had never been seen before in the Mexican market. These experiences reinforce GAIA’s core mission of being relevant, accessible and innovative, and have all been phenomenally successful, delivering an average of 58X ROI.

We delivered 3 technology solutions to GAIA;

Sofa Explorer

A replacement PLP allowing shoppers to select specific size, colour and type of sofa they want. Instead of filtering, we rank the listings page, speeding up the search and discovery process.


Allowing shoppers to add 2D “stickers” of GAIA products to a room setting, encouraging shoppers to visualise products together and explore every corner of the product catalogue.

Shop the Look

Allowing shoppers to browse and purchase using inspirational imagery without any need for manual data tagging or time-consuming merchandising.

How well did our technology perform?

  • Measured between 18th November 2020 – 16th February 2021
  • Comparison set: Shoppers who used Hullabalook technology vs Shoppers who did not use Hullabalook technology and who visited at least one of GAIA’s Listings Pages.

What challenge does Hullabalook’s technology solve for GAIA Design?

GAIA want to differentiate themselves from any other brand on the market in Mexico and maintain their unprecedented growth rates. By implementing our technology, they stand out from their competitors and position themselves as a forward-thinking, innovative brand.

“Innovation fuels everything we do at GAIA, it’s what sets us apart from any other brand. We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers which wouldn’t be possible without Hullabalook.”

Hassan Yassine, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder

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What’s next for our partnership?

GAIA and Hullabalook have already added a “View in Sketch” link to each GAIA PDP, allowing shoppers to instantly visualise products they are interested in purchasing. 

GAIA and Hullabalook are working on an exciting programme of enhancements and new innovations for 2021 and beyond.