Sofology rolled out Hullabalook’s Stickers technology and drove a 39% CVR uplift

Sofology wants their customers to feel at home, on a sofa they love. As part of their digital transformation strategy, Sofology rolled out Hullabalook’s Stickers technology as an inspiration tool giving shoppers the freedom to design an entire space they love. ‘Create Your Look’, powered by Hullabalook, keeps shoppers on site for longer, encourages them to revisit and ultimately, drives revenue.


“Shoppers often find it hard to visualise furniture online, but Create Your Look solves this problem for us. Customers can explore our products and visualise how they will look in their own home. Create Your Look has driven amazing results for us - more customers are staying on the site for longer and return to site more often.

Graham Wilson, Head of Business Development at Sofology

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How well did Stickers perform for Sofology?

Measured between 28th July & 4th October 2021.

Comparison set: Shoppers who used Create Your Look (Hullabalook’s Stickers technology) vs Shoppers who didn’t use Create Your Look.

  • Create Your Look shoppers converted 39% more
  • Create Your Look shopper sessions were 179% higher 
  • The average session of a Create Your Look shopper was 151% longer 
  • Create Your Look shoppers had an average order value of 8% more
  • The average number of pages a Create Your Look shopper visited was 66% higher 

Create Your Look, powered by Hullabalook’s Stickers technology. 

What challenge does Stickers solve for Sofology?

Stickers increases discoverability of your catalogue and helps shoppers visualise different products together. By doing so, we’re increasing likelihood of purchase.

How does Stickers work?

  • We convert your product catalogue into 2D "stickers"

    Everything is scaled – so large items like sofas look bigger than smaller items like vases.

  • Shoppers experiment with your products in a room setting

    They can move products around to visualise them together and build their dream rooms.

  • Stickers is a completely customisable experience

    Shoppers using Stickers can toggle between product categories and personalise the wall colour and floor type.

  • Shoppers can checkout in one click

    After curating their space, shoppers can share it with friends or purchase all of their chosen products in one click.

What’s next for our partnership?

Hullabalook have partnered with Sofology since 2019. Sofology have already rolled out Hullabalook’s Sizer and Stickers technologies, and now plan to roll out their Visual Bundling technology to 100% of traffic. 

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