Sofology rolled out Hullabalook’s Visual Bundling technology and saw over 10% uplift in CVR both online and in-store

Sofology are well known for their sofa catalogue – the clues’ in the name! But in more recent times, they’ve expanded their catalogue to include things like footstools and accessories. 

They needed a solution which could  increase the discoverability of these products and encourage their customers to purchase multiple products during one session; Hullabalook’s Visual Bundling technology was the answer.


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“We continue working with Hullabalook to improve our customer experience online and in-store. As our range grows, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to discover and purchase new products. Hullabalook's technology has made this much easier - we're very happy with its performance.”

James Robinson, Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation at Sofology

How did our technology perform for Sofology?

During an A/B test, Sofology saw over 10% uplifts in both online and offline conversion for shoppers who saw Hullabalook’s Visual Bundling solution.

Both teams are delighted with the results and continue working together to finesse the experience and drive even better results. 


What challenge do we solve for Sofology?

Like all retailers, Sofology was looking for ways to sell more to their customers at the point of purchase. Specifically, they needed to improve the discoverability of their wider product catalogue and increase AOV, while encouraging purchase confidence in the original product. 

Sofology uses a lot of beautiful photography to showcase their products in a lifestyle setting. However, with thousands of variants available, it’s impossible to do this with every product combination, so they were looking for a solution that could help their shoppers understand how complementary products like a sofa and a footstool look together, without the need to invest in photography.

How does our tech meet these challenges?

Our Visual Bundling technology automatically produces a bundle of complementary products in a lifestyle setting. So, if a shopper is viewing a particular sofa, they can scroll down and see ‘Complete the Look’ – our technology has automatically bundled the sofa they’re viewing with the matching footstool, but also added some extra accessories like a lamp or table. 

Shoppers can scroll through different products within the accessories category until they find a combination they like, before adding everything to their basket in one click. 

By displaying them all in a room-like setting like this, we’re helping Sofology customers find complementary products and visualise how they look together, with the aim of increasing CVR and AOV at the point of purchase.

What’s next for our partnership?

Following the success of the technology, additional features and roll-out to more of the catalogue such as beds and rugs is being explored.